For The First Time in India: Traditional Cheese Platters From The 1980s

What do you picturize when you think of a grazing board? Some cattle in a grassy field? While the term picks out purity and nature of your imagination at the fullest it is not really cattle in a field but is a gourmet tradition from the 1980s gaining recent popularity in UK and Australia. This tradition is for the elite and classy who acknowledge the finest taste and high quality of cheese!

While the masses enjoy the taste of cheese clubbed with bread and savories only a very niche crowd enjoys the taste of sore cheese to experience its ultimate high quality. The best you can pair high quality cheese is with bland crackers and bread sticks or sweet and sour fruits.

Grazing tables are a delight to three senses:

A Treat To The Eyes:

As we talk about grazing being popular at high-end UK gathering, I’m sure you’ve assumed perfection, classy and highly likable presentation! Grazing tables are artfully presented cheese, crackers and fruits to add to the décor of your event. The cheese blocks are crafty cut, crackers are finely shaped, fruits and florals are layered to make the grazing board full of color. Grazing tables look perfect! Whether it is the combination of colors, the layering of the table or the mixing and matching of its ingredients. Cheese, crackers and fruits being vastly different in vision but still a complement to each other. Grazing tables are definitely the center of attraction amidst a bustling corporate event, a glorifying wedding party or a fancy brunch treat! They are a true delight to one’s eyes and totally instagramable!

Driving a Tempting Smell:

As the cheese in grazing tables are freshly produced and are in its purest form their fresh aroma lingers all around the table to attract all foodies! With no added essence or coloring these cheeses give out an unforgettable and mesmerizing fragrance that cannot be replicated by any restaurants or caterers. It is unique especially curated for your guests and you!

Mouthwatering Taste:

And finally, after delightfully treating your eyes and sense of smell these cheeses can be consumed to indulge in its ultimate taste! Grazing table cheeses are rich in variety and totally satisfying in taste. Some cheese is creamy where as some are rough and crackling. Every cheese in a grazing table has a unique taste, texture and color. The best way to consume these cheeses is raw but some like to pair it with crackers or even savory dips!

There is more to grazing tables than just cheese. Grazing tables also serve crackers, dips and fruits. These might act as accompanies to the cheese or an appetizer in itself for guests who are not so fond of cheese.

In this way grazing tables are a compliment to every party or occasion acting as a classy, artful, beautiful and totally palatable combination to satisfy and create an unforgettable experience for all guests!


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