Grazing; this word generally depicts images of cattle feeding on lush green grass. Well, to us, it’s the blissful experience of nibbling on a platter full of gourmet delicacies. At Graiz, we offer a series of gourmet products, which are farm fresh, good-for-you and tasteful. Channeling these products into a casual yet luxurious presentation is our new found forteit. Grazing platters and Grazing tables are truly a form of art and taste coming together. Graiz was born out of our love for food, creativity and attention to detail. Curating platters was becoming a hobby – which formulated into a business model eventually. Realizing people wanted something that was’nt a traditional buffet but also not just plain appetizers, we wanted fill that void. Grazing tables and platters are lavish, opulent, and perfect from any small to big gathering. Our team has curated this experience for the Indian palette and expectation. We believe – the base of any gathering is great food. It could be as small as a get-together for two, or a cocktail party, festival, bridal shower, engagement, corporate meeting, kid’s birthday, weddings and everything in between – Graiz does it all!

Let’s Gather, Break Bread, And Get Graizing!
Bon Appétit,

Nidhi Chandra


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